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When to Hire a Freelance (Copy)Writer for Your Business

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Are you taking the plunge with a new passion project, business, or career change? Rebranding an existing business or launching a new product? If so, you're probably feeling overwhelmed by all of the things you might need. SEO expert, website designer, social media specialist, marketer... Where does a writer (or what's often called a copywriter) fall in the hierarchy of who to hire? Is it worth spending money on words? And if you do hire a writer, what should you look for?

When You Should Hire a Freelance Writer

While it might seem like you should hire a writer after you've ironed out some of your business basics, it can be beneficial to hire a great copywriter at any stage in the process:

  1. Developing a New Brand/Business: A copywriter with marketing experience can offer tons of tips and ideas when it comes to crafting your vision, mission, brand voice (narrative), ideal customer, and marketing strategy. Looking for investors? Many copywriters specialize specifically in pitch decks!

  2. Launching a New Product/Business: Do you already have a website or are about to put one together? Need a series of ads or an email campaign? Many copywriters come with SEO experience and can give advice on website layout, SEO optimization, and ad copy that sells.

  3. Revamping a Brand/Business: Similar to launching a new business, a good copywriter can help create ad copy, email campaigns, and website text to make your new product/brand SELL.

The press release I wrote to announce the release of my first cookbook.

Why You Should Hire a Freelance Writer

Starting a new business, rebranding, or launching a new product is a huge project. You've likely put blood, sweat, and tears into it. The last thing you want to do is undersell your awesome new offering with clunky, misleading, misspelled, or flat text. If you know that you don't have time to spend on writing quality content, or feel that writing just isn't your specialty, give yourself the gift of an expert copywriter!

An experienced copywriter can turn something like this...

"hey julie i'm looking for a way to show how we can save ppl $$ over time you know how we talked about the the impacts in that one section on the copy on the emails we put together? So the types of problems they can run into if we come in too late? Does that make sense? Can you figure out a way to say/show this using those same colors from last time? Thank you!!!!"

Into this...

Or turn this...

"I need a bio for my new website and I'm not sure where to start! I don't know if I should mention about my family, where I'm originally from? My credentials? Does anyone care? Do I need to worry about keywords on my About page?"

Into this...

Check out Melissa's fabulous website here.

What to Look for When You Hire a Freelance Writer

Questions to ask when seeking a freelance writer:

  • How do you determine your rates and bill for work? Hourly, by project, etc.?

  • Do you have SEO experience?

  • Do you offer any design work or design tips?

  • Have you worked with any clients in my field?

  • Do you have a portfolio/referrals?

  • Where are you located and what is your availability for this project? (Especially important to ask if you're someone who likes to talk things through 'live.')

How Much to Pay for a Freelance Writer

You can easily peruse freelance marketplace websites - and there are plenty out there. Just like with most things, though: you get what you pay for. Expert level copywriters typically charge $75-$100+/hour because they know they can deliver exactly what you want and need. Of course, there 's often an iteration process, but an experienced writer will quickly grasp what you're looking for as they get to know you and your brand. And once you find a great writer, you have an ace in your back pocket who can jump in at any time - since they already know your business and style!

It is possible to get terrific value from a copywriter, but remember: a lower rate often means the end product won't dazzle, and you'll waste valuable time trying to hire a new writer or redo the less than impressive work. I've had so many clients come to me after hiring writers who couldn't capture their brand voice. A seasoned writer can breathe life into your unique brand without much hand-holding - saving you time, stress, and money.

If you've decided that a professional writer is just what your business needs, take a look at some of My Services and schedule a free consultation!

Julie (Jules) Schnedeker is the founder of write with jules, LLC and a seasoned writer with a passion for bringing out the best in others through creative writing, resumes, marketing materials, and more.

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